There was a tiny hole in the window blind of my room…

Years ago, when I was a child, there was a tiny hole in the window blind of my room. Through this hole, mysterious images were projectd on the opposite wall and I remember that I looked at them for hours.

I was a curious and a naughty boy so I drew those silhouettes directly on the wall with colored markers. Imagine theanger of my parents when they saw the enormous drawing on the wall! They had topaint the wall and fixed up the blind, covering the hole.

Some time later I found out that it was a camera obscura.

But also a positive thing happened: my parents bought me a small camera, that I preserve like a treasure, and I took my first photos, images of familiar events inplaces that seem to be stopped in time. And today, many years later, I continue drawing with light images with the same curiosity, trying not to look at them as artworks.

window blind tiny hole experimental camera obscura art
A tiny hole in the window blind , imatge i text: inèrcies_ 2017
Artwork exposed at The Strand Gallery, London, 10-15 October 2016. What Is The Point? (©WITP) group exhibition
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